Act of Tribute to HM The Queen, Elizabeth II by M G Moula Miah

Act of Tribute to HM The Queen, Elizabeth II by M G Moula Miah

Surmar dhau Report :: The 19th September 2022 marks the day of the funeral for the Royal Highness, Her Majesty the Queen, Elizabeth II who lived a remarkable life between 1926-2022. The Queen has served the nation for 70 years, becoming the longest-reigning monarch in the history of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth nations. In her succession, the Queen’s eldest son, King Charles III now takes the throne, to continue from his mother’s success. It is without doubt, the Queen has left a golden legacy behind for generations, and King Charles III now takes the lead of the nation.

M G Moula Miah, Chairman of Rajnagar International Business Group and President of the UK Bangladesh Catalysts of Commerce (UKBCCI), volunteered for the closure of his group of businesses in order to mourn the devastating loss of the Queen. In an announcement message, he stated:

“Dear Patrons, the last week has indeed been one of grief and sadness, as Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II had sadly passed. To mark our respect to the Royal family, our group of restaurants will voluntarily stay closed on Monday 19th September as the nation mourns the passing and the funeral of the most remarkable figure of the nation. As the mother of this nation had peacefully left us, we believe through this way we can pay our tributes tomorrow.

Yours, M G Moula Miah, FRSA FIH MCMI

Chairman – Rajnagar Group of Restaurants.

President of UK Bangladesh Catalysts of Commerce and Industry”

The Rajnagar International Restaurant, in Solihull is M G Moula Miah’s flagship award-winning restaurant which launched in 1987 since then, aside from COVID-19, the restaurant did not face a day of deliberate closure and has continued to service the community. However, with the loss of the mother of the nation, he stated it was only right to stop services for this day to unite, remember and mourn for the Queen. M G Moula has shown his gesture of mourning and has paid his tributes to Her Majesty on behalf of the Group of Businesses and the British Bangladeshi business organisation, UKBCCI.

(UK Press Release : 19th September 2022)

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